Where Take A Trip And Visit To Bangkok

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Last week, I went on a three day trip to Khao Yai, Thailand, with my company. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Chockchai Farm. Now if somebody told you you were going to spend five hours at a dairy farm, your first question would probably be “why?” Mine was, too. Chockchai Farm is South Asia’s largest dairy farm and, if you’re not into farming, you’d think you’d be bored. Wrong! Chockchai Farm is also one of Thailand’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s less than 160 kilometres outside Bangkok, so you can get there in a couple of hours. It’s also an incredibly fun place for all the family but especially for kids. So, if you’re looking for an interesting and unusual place to visit the next time you’re in Thailand, don’t miss Chockchai Farm and here’s why.

Only since the seventies, Bangkok has grown in height with one new skyscraper after another and highways that cut through the city with complex flyover junctions. To counter the traffic, the Skytrain (BTS) was created. The BTS is one of the best ways to get around Bangkok. But getting to Pattaya is another matter entirely and you will do well to call up Happy Taxi and get a taxi pattaya. Trust me there is no better way to get to Pattaya.

Before you cash in your savings, keep in mind that Thailand is a seasonal vacation spot. If you go during the wet season, there is a good chance you’ll just end up sitting around drinking beer. While that isn’t too bad, you’ll go crazy looking at the climbs that are so close, but oh so far away.

There are so many choices for breakfast in Bangkok it really is difficult to choose. I usually eat three western-style breakfasts and four Thai-style breakfasts a week with, of course, the cheapest and the healthiest being the Thai style. Whatever you do though, try something new every morning. There are literally thousands of breakfast stalls, restaurants and cafes in Bangkok serving tens of thousands of dishes. It would be a pity not to try them all.

Thai Food Stalls – Of course, the best and the cheapest places to buy breakfast are at the Thai food stalls. Thais buy breakfast from food stalls almost every day and with choices like noodles, joke (rice porridge), Thai donuts served with warm soy milk, rice with curry, rice with vegetables, Thai omelettes, sandwiches, pastries, fruit, Thai waffles stuffed with taro, sweet corn, raisins or chocolate and much more. Most breakfast foods will be no more than 15-25 baht (45-75 cents), and are very filling. The best way to find out which is the best street stall breakfast food is to eat from a stall where there’s a large crowd of Thais either buying or eating. Thais only eat at stalls where the food is delicious.

Location. Location. Location. It’s not rocket science to know that this is often what helps sell a property. However, emphasise if this is a quiet soi near the heart of the action. You might be five minutes walk to BTS Phrom Pong and yet have a Bangkok condo for sale which seems like it is down a quiet, leafy soi, with the best of both worlds. You might live away from the BTS and yet be right in the middle of a dynamic area, because of a nearby International school or big employer.