Sardinia, with Baunei between climbing and trekking

 Success promotional event which saw the protagonist Municipality of Baunei to Sardinia Store in Rome , the point – promotion in the capital of the island . The  evening was an opportunity to make known to tour operators and journalists a part of the Sardinian territory of rare beauty and uniqueness.

To tell this Sardinian were present the Minister of Tourism of the City of Baunei Ivan Puddu , who brought with him the proposals for tourism operators and  the creativity of local artisans ; Sebastian Tronci , president of the Society of Naval Baunei -S. Maria Navarrese ; Mario Verin and Giulia Castelli, author of a  book with words and pictures exhilarating experience of ” Wild Blue ,” a trip around the island ; and finally Mauritius Oviglia , the father of ” Moonstone ” , a  frequent visitor of the limestone walls of Supramonte, where they were “drawn” some climbing breathtaking , overlooking the sea .

After the presentation of the territory it was the turn of Antonio Taras , marketing manager of the Carrier Naval Consortium GoinSardinia , who illustrated the  cheap fares for Sardinia launched on the market by this vector was born from the desire to dozens of private operators willing to face the dear – ferries  previous seasons which had penalized Sardinia.

Baunei today represents one of the many solutions experiential tourism , with an offer that goes from climbing , Nordic walking , trekking , caving excursions ,  thanks to a territory that still preserves the pastoral life of the ancient folds of Supramonte, with a white expanse limestone that goes down to the famous  beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine Goloritzé , Ispuligedenie , Biriala until Pedralonga and Santa Maria Navarrese. A pristine area that boasts many years of  awards such as the Five Sails and the Blue Flag.

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